sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

Dragon City game breeding dragons on Facebook

Addicted to Facebook, or rather to Facebook games, are fortunate that they have hundreds of games to choose to spend hours and hours of fun. Today we want to show you one of the novelties that we found by the network; It's Dragon City, a game in which you have to raise dragons and fight with them to move from level.

Dragon City juego de criar dragones en Facebook Dragon City juego de criar dragones en Facebook

The action is situated on a farm in which you will have to raise dragons incubating them since they are in the egg, and making them grow feeding them.

Another of the goals you must achieve is to have the greater variety of possible dragons, and that gets across with each other to achieve different races.

The question is to advance level, and this is done with money and getting have many dragons. To do this you must feed them as mentioned above and also train them, so from level 10, is batan in duel with each other and the winner can get gold, you can buy food and more dragons.

Link: Dragon City

viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012

Activate Windows 7, Remove WAT

Activar Windows 7.

Since in Microsoft Windows Xp, you decide to give a blow on the table in regards to piracy today have a version of Windows without a license could be a nightmare for the mere fact that that operating system features are automatically disabled.

In today's article I'm going to teach you how to Activate Windows 7 thanks to one of these many utilities that are on the network called Remove WAT.

Remove WAT is a completely free program that will help us in the task of activating Windows 7 in a very simple way. Basically it is recommended to use in cases in which downloads a copy of Windows 7 and then past the trial period requests that we introduce a key to which will be the following:

Delete all the dlls that are responsible for check if our Windows 7 is genuine.Delete files that check if our Windows 7 is genuine.

Also besides apart from remove the sign that says: "this copy of Windows is not genuine" will allow you to remove the message that says "Activate Windows now" coming out to start the pc.

Only if you want to use it just run Remove WAT leaving off the anti-virus (since but will not use it) and press the button that says "Remove WAT" to then reboot Windows 7. If instead you want to restore the deleted then click on the button that says "Restore WAT".

In short, we recommend that you buy original Windows 7 but if you don't have the economic resources to do so Remove WAT is one of the best options from here.

More information | Remove WAT

Delete files and folders rebel, OTM by oldtimers

Delete files and folders rebel, OTM by oldtimers

Borrar archivos y carpetas rebeldes.

Surely once you, as a user of the pc, you pushed a malware and at the same time it has created files and folders rebel, i.e. which cannot be deleted. Therefore, if you are in the same situation the tool I'll present I am quite sure that you will serve and is called OTM by oldtimers.

OTM by oldtimers is a utility to delete files and folders rebels that have been inserted or created on your pc through malware. The best of this tool is undoubtedly the great capacity that has the time to eliminate any virus, spyware, Trojan, malware, etc. Robustness and simplicity define it when performing the tasks.

For what you do not understand the concept of the task carried out by OTM by oldtimers, this is summarized in the following: move files from places that cannot be removed later to restart your pc and create a log warning if the process was successful or not.

I personally recommend that if you have a virus that does not erase files and folders rebels use a forum for those many who there is the type of ForoSpyware to help you to do since not all viruses are equal and OTM by oldtimers is a tool that requires the supervision of an expert on the subject for its correct use.

OTM manual by oldtimers

Download link | OTM by oldtimers

jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012

Send messages to mobile phones with WhatsApp from the browser

Send messages to mobile phones with WhatsApp from the browser

Aplicación web para enviar mensajes a móviles con whatsapp.

Maybe some people are costing revealing your real identity when they want to know a person or do not want to reveal it and talk to someone without his true identity is known. Therefore, if you want to send messages to phones with WhatsApp from the web browser so you can make through WebsApp.

WebsApp is a website to send messages to mobile phones with WhatsApp from the browser in a way more simple and totally free application.

Cuadro de texto

** Catch of the WebsApptext box.

Only to use WebsApp you must choose the country, key in the phone number, type a name (real or fictional), and finally, write your message and click on the button that says "Send". So you can see correctly the box must be installed the Adobe Flash plug-in.

It should be noted that we have tested the service and that this works correctly only that there are certain times leads in which sending messages takes a time (about 10-15 min approximately), but we are convinced to win users will move to best servers and service will then work best.

The user who receives the message you will receive previously as follows:

Important: They have contacted you via the www.websapp.net page. Important: do not block the number.

Finally, note that those who abuse the service to perform various tasks such as are les baneara, so if you think use to spend jokes used common sense and do not fall into the trap of impersonate anyone if you do not want to have problems. I.e. use it responsibly, and tell us what you think about the service in question.

Link | WebsApp

StepMania, dance from your PC

StepMania is a fun game of free dance for PC where we use our speed to keep up with the pace and synchronize our movements with the music.

It works through the synchronization of a controller in the form of electronic carpet where we are stepping on certain areas to perform the steps, as well as the arcade machines, but in the comfort of the home.

stepmania Stepmania, baila desde tu PC

The best of Stepmania is that many songs can be downloaded from various Internet sites. The only negative point is that if you don't have the carpet attachment the title loses much of its charm.

It has a mode of game with the telco but really fun is to learn to dance with steps of Stepmania.

Via: Dotgamerclan
Link: Stepmania