lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

Band broadband Telcel:plan recruitment how to avoid charge me much?

If you're one of the millions of users of Telcel, as you are thousands of people who may not agree with the high costs of the large blue globe.It is that thanks to Telcel, Carlos Slim is the man more rich of the world for the second consecutive year. Should be noted that prices not only mobile telephony but are now the 3 G internet service and 3.5 G of the more expensive around the world, the second most costly if not me quivoco. Now how the service works? Because it works very simple and here I explain how to avoid the high costs:first thing that not everyone knows and you have well this is that the Internet 3 G provided Telcel does not refer to 3 GB or 3 GigaByte, if that is not the 3rd generation internet (third generation).
The speed in some cases depending on the location.!! Now depending on the plan to choose of the many that exist (all are a scam) we will focus on the University plan or student, this plan is gives you supposedly if you present proof that backs you're X level student. Eye with this plan, only give 2 (two gigabytes) GB of monthly data transfer, and and if you pass that limit charge you fees for each MB (megabyte) extra to spend, in few words, only you can download 2 GB of files or charge you more.Now knowing this know as avoid charge me much?Good so that you gain much can follow some of these steps mentioned below and my inexperience in this product are: do not see videos: the videos can weigh from 2 MB to 90 MB or more, and know that no, but music videos as Lady Gaga lasting more HD and 6min eaten many Mb.No download music or unnecessary files: songs and programs as Ares incite you download music that you might not like, nor download heavy files from Megaupload, Hotfile, Fileserve, Rapidshare, Mediafire etc.See very saturated web pages: these are those that have lots of color, images, music, pages in Flash especially.Not see so many images: there are images that take a good load and also are a good portion of our monthly transfer.Well these are just a few of the tips that I have applied and so far work me well, I've not had to pay many weights due to my terrible experiencia.Como really good utility that you can give < un="" excelente="" uso=""> the band broadband, think carefully before hiring.Remember that you only have 2 GB of download or transfer, more or less a day can use 45 MB or 60 MB, use with care, with responsibility and payments avoids expensive.

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