sábado, 16 de junio de 2012

Codecs Windows 7 3.6.5

Now available the new version of Windows 7 codecs, to offer the best quality and multimedia playback compatibility.

Developed by Shark007 codec package includes also, free of charge, x 64 components 3.6.5 and Windows 8 codec 1.10version. Once you install the pack, we will not have playback problems with programs installed by default, Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center.

windows 7 codecs Codecs Windows 7 3.6.5

New filters and major upgrade for better support for subtitle, formats and processing speed in a free package that in addition to offering the latest versions for Windows 7 already beginning to prepare us for what will be the migration to the new operating system Windows 8.

Remember that to install a new version of codec is required after uninstalling to avoid conflicts.

Link: Windows 7 Codecs

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