viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

How to increase traffic to your Blog or Web page

if you are one of the thousands of people who want to increase the number of visits to your blog, and generate higher incomes (if you have Adsense service or another), well, it is very easy nowadays, one thing you must keep in mind is that perhaps your ranking will not improve, but if the number of visits.Well then give you a few tips you can do to increase the level of traffic to your blog or website and are product from my experience (I have tested tricks that I mention below and 90% satisfaction guarantee):Use of social networks: today the increase of users in social networks (such as Facebook )(, Twitter, Badoo, MySpace etc.) is a great tool for Webmasters seeking to increase the traffic to your site, that many internet users, they are already within them almost all the time, which can attract thousands of hits.Use of forums: another option and that I've had results is promoting my sites in "Help forums" and discharge (Yahoo answers, Taringa etc), this can be done by sharing information, software, etc., and at the same time leave your "URL" and so attract thousands of daily visits. Example: answering "X" question in yahoo you can add this "your answer + luck visit my blog (leave the link + something interesting for the reader) and discover what you don't know". This is a very simple example but it gives very good results, out more than 1000 visitors a day using this tecnica(ojo_no_abusar_para_no_hacer_spam)YOUTUBE, VIDEO hit: is another way to attract visitors to your site, with successful videos on YouTube, every day there are thousands of hits, thousands of reproductions and thousands of searches for videos of all kinds (music)(, tutorials, fun, news, etc). You can create a good video, I recommend that they are originales(digo_esto_porque_asi_te_puedes_hacer_"Partner"_de_YouTube,_y_sacar_le_algo_de_plata.)I repeat, I tried each and every one of the trucos-consejos mentioned earlier, and they are the product of my experience, and I assure you that work, is only a question of being constant and you will get many visits per day. Luck.

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