domingo, 17 de junio de 2012

Nyko has controls for Android PlayPad

Android is growing by leaps, both as a platform for mobile phones as a gaming facility, and the Nyko signature take the videogame E3 2012 Conference to present its new smart phones special controls.

The aim of the company is targeting those users that require the accuracy of a physical remote control to make the most of a video game, and the models available are Nyko PlayPad and Nyko PlayPad Pro.

nyko play pad Nyko presenta los controles para Android PlayPad

Work with Mobile Android 3.0 up and Nvidia Tegra chips, since in this type of platforms are being the best video games for Android, those that take full advantage of the technical potential of mobile and tablets with Android. Just think of THD Shadowgun.

The design of the two models is different, with the PlayPad common being more similar to the SNES and the Pro control with similarities to the Xbox 360 Dashboard. They are very precise and ergonomic to not make any mistake while we play.

Via: Engadget

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