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Protect settings of the operating system, Deep Freeze

Protect settings of the operating system, Deep Freeze

Proteger configuración Windows.

There are times in which we installed a program and as a result of this we are various problems in our Windows operating system. To avoid these problems are what are known as tools to protect the operating system settings such as Deep Freeze.

Deep Freeze is a program to protect your Windows settings for a simple and at the same time efficient way. Forget about from now on of those headaches that you supposed to those programs that usually by mistake, you downloaded and installed from internet and their potential consequences (viruses, Trojans, malware, etc).

Simply to use the respective utility you will need to install and apply the changes at all times keeping your pc safe insofar as your configurations. I.e., if a program modifies them simply restart the computer to return to previous configurations thanks to its capacity for temporary backup of Windows.

Otherwise, if you want to install a new software you must deselect the freezing and Deep Freeze will allow you to do so without any impediment. Then after that, it can be activated without any problem

In short, if what you want is to protect the system configurations the solution to this is called Deep Freeze, the only drawback is that only 30-day trial version can be used.

Link | Deep Freeze

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