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Remove Virus that converts folders shortcut or .exe

Hello all, perhaps everyone happens to us that any USB or SD memory and even the hard drive etc, we get to a computer infected with a virus named AMVO that what it does is create access direct or executables folders. exe. It is also layers create folders with completely different names, copy virus source folders, or even worse, hide folders.

Well since we are going to see how to remove the virus and recover the folders using the system command prompt or CMD only.
1 Thing we have to do is identify the location of the USB or SD memory or any other device.

2. Once located our storage unit, we must enter the command prompt or Cmd.
> Home > Cmd

3. Once inside the command prompt, locate the drive letter where our device (memory) and type it in cmd.

4 Done, then we write down the following command:
> /D /s Attrib - r - h - s **. **
So is this:

• Attrib: To view or modify attributes
• d: in order to process folders
• s: in order to process subfolders
• - r: remove read-only attributes
• - h: remove hidden attributes
• - s: remove system attributes
• **. **: For any name, with any extension files
stay in the following way:and we can only hope, in the end only you must delete the shortcuts and folders setup (.exe) will have discovered the hidden folders and recovered files.Should be noted that also can be applied in the local hard disk C: / would only change the H: / by C: /.Solution for access denied Windows 7In windows 7, change the command... already that to enter as:

Disk > H: (is an example)
sends the message: access is denied.
To solve the: access denied
We are going to the properties of the hard disk or USB
We give click on: security
We give click on: Advanced options
We give click: effective permissions
Click: Edit
Look where it says: name of object... (Disc I) The name can change or, be only the drive letter.
Now click OK (in everything)
Now click Start, click search, type: cmd and ejecutalo as administrator.
Now if you put the command:

Disk > I:
or if I only had the drive letter, put:

I: (according to the letter you have)

Now run: Attrib /s /d - r - h - s **. **

waiting for you it is so:

Disc I :>


I :>
And that would be all, only remove access direct and/or enforceable. exe.

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  1. This tutorial was very easy to do and effective.i recovered my usb drive folders instantly.