jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

Stylish, change the style on your Firefox

Stylish is a new extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Its function is the change the look of your favorite pages through different configurations of color, font and positioning so you can vary a little where you long to explore certain pages.

Through the program access the UserStyles community from which we can access different configurations used for each page in question, and but you can create your own edits and go choosing overlay styles, which delete and give it a really distinctive to your favorite pages so surf is diverse and fun.

stylish Stylish, cambia el estilo en tu Firefox

This Stylish Yes, has some truly mediocre styles, so browse the entire application to choose the more you like. The editor is easy to use and has a great variety, so now there is no excuse to repeat aspects on your favorite sites.

Via: Userstyles
Link: Stylish

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