lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

Views on Blogger - Dynamic Views Dynamics: seeing the future

A few weeks ago Blogger obtained a series of improvements with which the way to write and edit posts in your blog became a new experience, but that was only the beginning of what Google has planned for this platform. Dynamic views of Blogger (Blogger Dynamic Views), with which you can do to make your blog look with one of the 7 new forms that were submitted yesterday.
Blogger incorporates new technologies HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX, which allows a new way to view content on the web, now you can choose how you want to view the content and not be subject to the pleasure of the webmaster. Now the user takes control of the design.With dynamic views,'ll find it you easier to read your favorite blogs. Better even: make it easier to discover entries written some time ago that maybe you have not read.

These are the 7 new ways to see the contents of blogs:Classic: a modern air in a traditional templateFlipcard: photos organized as the page backgroundMagazine: editorial, clear, and elegant presentationMosaic: mosaic with images and text of different sizesSidebar: view in the style of an Inbox of email, with a page of reading to navigate and quickly navigateSnapshot: an interactive bulletin board of your postsTimeslide: horizontal view of your posts sorted by time periods

I leave this video uploaded by Google that shows views of the redesign of Blogger Dynamic Views, views dynamics of Blogger templates.

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