sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

365Scores, follow your favorite sports online

Many times we cannot continue our favorite sport since we are in a place where there is no TV or radio stations; well, this extension for Chrome can solve us the problem if you installed it, we have at our fingertips all the information of the sport we want and besides we will receive a personalized notifications.

365scores sigue tu deporte favorito online 365Scores, sigue tu deporte favorito online

You can share interesting results, videos, or articles that you like and also post it on your Facebook or Twitteraccount. You will have live results , news and notifications in real time of the sport you choose without having to be connected.

The extension 365Scores is very easy to use and at the time of installation will ask us about preferences in terms of teams and tournaments that we follow and you have to choose between our favorite teams, and also between the sports that we want to continue as football, tennis, basketball, baseball, hockey.

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