lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

4.1 EverNote, new features in Android tablets

Evernote for Android application interface received an update. In its new version 4.1 tablet Android application is much more eye-catching and practical to offer a fast and secure our application management and all kinds of notes and records on the mobile.

The home screen has been modified to have a more attractive style and there is also new interactive features for even more precise control over the application.

evernote Evernote 4.1, nuevas funciones en tabletas Android

The new mode of display lists of Evernote is excellent for all our content at once and quickly. You can also create sublists and organize into small segments each of our reminders.

The new Evernote update can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Via: Androidsis
Link: Evernote

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