sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

7 different editors to create your own source

For all to those who like design, create new things, new styles, play with the colors and shapes, and also would like to create your own type of letter, today I will show you seven different tools that will be very useful for this purpose.

7 diferentes editores para crear tu propia fuente 7 diferentes editores para crear tu propia fuente

FontStruct: Editor online where you can create your sources and export them in format (TTP) TrueType fonts.

FontForge: is an application very complete and complex to use, to create sources; Although there are many explanatory documentation.

BitfontMaker: is a source editor where we can create fonts pixel by pixel.

Type Light: an application is free for operating systems Windows where we will create fonts TTF and Ps OTP formatted; and we can also convert formats from each other.

Gbdfed Bitmap Font Editor: is a simple Open Source editor for OS Linux with which we create sources and will export them in different formats.

Font Constructor: this application allows us to create very elegant sources, based on the aesthetic and proportionality.

Raster Font Editor: Finally a simple program for windows that allows you to export in different formats such as bitmap, or as text file (.)(TXT)

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