viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012

Activate Windows 7, Remove WAT

Activar Windows 7.

Since in Microsoft Windows Xp, you decide to give a blow on the table in regards to piracy today have a version of Windows without a license could be a nightmare for the mere fact that that operating system features are automatically disabled.

In today's article I'm going to teach you how to Activate Windows 7 thanks to one of these many utilities that are on the network called Remove WAT.

Remove WAT is a completely free program that will help us in the task of activating Windows 7 in a very simple way. Basically it is recommended to use in cases in which downloads a copy of Windows 7 and then past the trial period requests that we introduce a key to which will be the following:

Delete all the dlls that are responsible for check if our Windows 7 is genuine.Delete files that check if our Windows 7 is genuine.

Also besides apart from remove the sign that says: "this copy of Windows is not genuine" will allow you to remove the message that says "Activate Windows now" coming out to start the pc.

Only if you want to use it just run Remove WAT leaving off the anti-virus (since but will not use it) and press the button that says "Remove WAT" to then reboot Windows 7. If instead you want to restore the deleted then click on the button that says "Restore WAT".

In short, we recommend that you buy original Windows 7 but if you don't have the economic resources to do so Remove WAT is one of the best options from here.

More information | Remove WAT

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