jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Create fun mosaics with your photos and EasyMoza

EasyMozais a website where you can create a mosaic with your photographs. You escogerás one of your favorite pictures, and use thousands of photos of your own gallery or an external gallery that will be joined to create a mosaic forming the photo you selected initially.

crea divertidos mosaicos con tus fotos y easymoza Crea divertidos mosaicos con tus fotos y EasyMoza

Create the mosaic is as simple as Choosing a main photo, making sure that you have a good quality, and that it is a picture with many sizes, for better appreciate the effect of the mosaic.

We will then choose the number of cells of the mosaic, the size that the canvas, set the color of the photo and then load the pictures that will create the mosaic. He is recommended between 250 and 3000, how many more better and much smaller be better also.

Finally you have to choose the option create mosaic, and between one minute and three minutes to get our photo mosaic to print or download for free.

Link: EasyMoza

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