miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2012

Create online, Issuu digital magazines

Crear revistas digitales en línea.

On the internet there are a lot of people seeking applications or programs to create magazines but the truth is that according to the Advanced is the web 2.0 can make magazine digital online with Issuu.

Issuu is a web application to create digital online magazine in a way at the same time quickly and easily since the respective web utility will give all virtually done.

First of all, clarify that the magazines are based on the format.PDF and then applies the flash format.SWF to these.

Second, note the use of Issuu is very intuitive, despite being a web page that is in the English language. Shall not constitute this a concern since the tools may be used in a very clear and simple way to make the digital magazine of the personalized as possible.

Third and last of all, conclude by saying that to use Issuu must register for their service and verify the account you created. Elements such as photos to make the digital magazine can be even in magazines already created that Issuu offers can be later uploaded. The best service is its integration with social networks to share creations, while the worst of the service is to offer two types of accounts (the free and pay), the first one is intended for an audience that doesn't want to create something very professional and the second if offering more and better features that logically you will notice in the creation.

Link | Issuu

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