viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012

Delete files and folders rebel, OTM by oldtimers

Delete files and folders rebel, OTM by oldtimers

Borrar archivos y carpetas rebeldes.

Surely once you, as a user of the pc, you pushed a malware and at the same time it has created files and folders rebel, i.e. which cannot be deleted. Therefore, if you are in the same situation the tool I'll present I am quite sure that you will serve and is called OTM by oldtimers.

OTM by oldtimers is a utility to delete files and folders rebels that have been inserted or created on your pc through malware. The best of this tool is undoubtedly the great capacity that has the time to eliminate any virus, spyware, Trojan, malware, etc. Robustness and simplicity define it when performing the tasks.

For what you do not understand the concept of the task carried out by OTM by oldtimers, this is summarized in the following: move files from places that cannot be removed later to restart your pc and create a log warning if the process was successful or not.

I personally recommend that if you have a virus that does not erase files and folders rebels use a forum for those many who there is the type of ForoSpyware to help you to do since not all viruses are equal and OTM by oldtimers is a tool that requires the supervision of an expert on the subject for its correct use.

OTM manual by oldtimers

Download link | OTM by oldtimers

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