sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

Dragon City game breeding dragons on Facebook

Addicted to Facebook, or rather to Facebook games, are fortunate that they have hundreds of games to choose to spend hours and hours of fun. Today we want to show you one of the novelties that we found by the network; It's Dragon City, a game in which you have to raise dragons and fight with them to move from level.

Dragon City juego de criar dragones en Facebook Dragon City juego de criar dragones en Facebook

The action is situated on a farm in which you will have to raise dragons incubating them since they are in the egg, and making them grow feeding them.

Another of the goals you must achieve is to have the greater variety of possible dragons, and that gets across with each other to achieve different races.

The question is to advance level, and this is done with money and getting have many dragons. To do this you must feed them as mentioned above and also train them, so from level 10, is batan in duel with each other and the winner can get gold, you can buy food and more dragons.

Link: Dragon City

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