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Earn money by internet offering services, Telohagopor

Earn money by internet offering services, Telohagopor

Ganar dinero por internet ofreciendo servicios.

Today, the global crisis is noticeable practically by all parts of the world which makes many people to put aside the traditional methods and try to earn money by internet. One of the websites that I recommend for this task is called Telohagopor.

Telohagopor is a website to earn money over the internet offering your own services and/or products for other people request them you. We must be very careful with the prices that are allocated according to the competition is better put reasonable prices and have clients put them high and not have clients virtually.

Looking at offers things that tend to buy or sell the people here are Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Youtube visits designs web pages and even marketing social networks or web sites among other things.

Finally, highlight the cons of this type of web services, which in this case are scams and some of the tips to prevent such scams are as follows:

Make buying and selling with people who have good reputation, i.e., positive feedback.That seller allows the buyer choose the method or method of payment. This if the disbursement of money is high is highly recommended.Use the so-called "cuenta-puente", i.e., a way in which until you buy a particular product not the go-ahead the seller does not receive the money.Save all conversations of the purchase since they can be very useful in case of fraud. He is considered a scam once it exceeds € 300. Even any telephone number to Domitius data can be very useful in these cases.

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