lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

It is sorted by color or high quality wallpapers

In this post I want to leave a couple of links that will take you to websites where you can download free wallpapers.

I'm going to highlight the two links is what most caught the attention. In the first link of the two we find spectacularwallpapers; and the topics are very varied, but what we find most are wallpapers of animals, vehicles (cars and motorbikes, of characters and landscapes, but what more has caught my attention is that on this website you can search the wallpapers according to the predominant color in the photo.)

encuentra fondos de pantalla ordenados por color o de alta calidad Encuentra fondos de pantalla ordenados por color o de alta calidad

In the second link are spectacularwallpapers, ordered all of them by packs, from animals, anime and manga, art and design, vehicles, famous / as, landscapes, computers, video games, cartoons, to funds of VSM's girls sexy and Hot topics; But what most caught the attention is that they are all of high qualitywallpapers, i.e. have a minimum resolution of 1900 x 1600.

Link 1: Wallpapers by colors

Link 2: Wallpapers HQ (high quality)

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