domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

Jurassic Park Builder creates your Park on the iPhone

Building management games are going through one of its best moments, and Jurassic Park is a clear demonstration of this. As well as Ice Age Village, inspired by the ice age movies, in Jurassic Park we return to visit the most famous parks of dinosaurs of the film.

But in addition, Jurassic Park Builder is a game of building where we can achieve a park where everything works correctly, where visitors can see the creatures in a secure environment and accidents that happen without.

 Jurassic Park Builder, crea tu parque en el iPhone

Create your attractions, cares for dinosaurs and fun to the maximum by creating an environment friendly to thousands of dinosaurs in a game that baby Theme Park, Sim City and the new Facebook of management and construction games.

Via: Metacritic
Link: Jurassic Park Builder

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