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Send messages to mobile phones with WhatsApp from the browser

Send messages to mobile phones with WhatsApp from the browser

Aplicación web para enviar mensajes a móviles con whatsapp.

Maybe some people are costing revealing your real identity when they want to know a person or do not want to reveal it and talk to someone without his true identity is known. Therefore, if you want to send messages to phones with WhatsApp from the web browser so you can make through WebsApp.

WebsApp is a website to send messages to mobile phones with WhatsApp from the browser in a way more simple and totally free application.

Cuadro de texto

** Catch of the WebsApptext box.

Only to use WebsApp you must choose the country, key in the phone number, type a name (real or fictional), and finally, write your message and click on the button that says "Send". So you can see correctly the box must be installed the Adobe Flash plug-in.

It should be noted that we have tested the service and that this works correctly only that there are certain times leads in which sending messages takes a time (about 10-15 min approximately), but we are convinced to win users will move to best servers and service will then work best.

The user who receives the message you will receive previously as follows:

Important: They have contacted you via the www.websapp.net page. Important: do not block the number.

Finally, note that those who abuse the service to perform various tasks such as are les baneara, so if you think use to spend jokes used common sense and do not fall into the trap of impersonate anyone if you do not want to have problems. I.e. use it responsibly, and tell us what you think about the service in question.

Link | WebsApp

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