martes, 7 de agosto de 2012

Tuenti Social Messenger, competition for WhatsApp

The Spanish social network Tuenti seeks to expand as an option of free instant messaging to compete with WhatsApp on Android phones.

The new application is called Tuenti Social Messenger and allows you to chat in real time with other users of the application, even without the need for a user account in Tuenti.

tuenti social messenger Tuenti Social Messenger, competencia para WhatsApp

If you chat with a contact of the phone that has no account on the social network then your photos and publications are not shared, a good way to keep your privacy even talking with acquaintances through the application.

A major advantage for WhatsApp is Tuenti Social Messenger allows you to chat directly with users that have installed the PC version. Always chat with your friends and stay informed and aware of what is happening without spending in Instant Messaging.

Link: Social Tuenti Messenger

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