miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2012

Update your installed programs, SUMo

Detectar y actualizar los programas instalados en Windows.

Many times when you have a lot of programs installed on a computer updating them can be somewhat annoying and requires enough time available to do so, it is also highly recommended to update these programs to avoid security problems and that performance is better on our pc. So it is that if you want to keep up to date Windows programs I'll present SUMo.

SUMo is a free program to detect and update your installed programs , thus saving you the task of having to update them one by one.

Its operation is very simple and simply just the "Scan" button to make SUMo check in search of updates all programs installed on the computer. After finishing the respective check, that will take more or less time depending on the speed there is to select the program that you want to update and click the "Get Update" button.

As you go SUMo in their next releases you'll remove the incompatibilities when looking for updates of some programs which do not appear in the final list something that may seem like an inconvenience.

Finally, end up highlighting that SUMo is in Spanish and is fully compatible with Windows Xp, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Link | SUMo

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