sábado, 23 de junio de 2012

Timeline Remove, delete the biography of Facebook

One of the strongest criticisms that Facebook has had in recent times is its inclusion of a biography that is not liked by many users. Now with a special for Google Chrome extension we can browse in the old Facebook visual style.

The extension is called Timeline Remove and download from the store of Google's web browser extensions. Meets perfectly the only task for which it was designed: delete the style Facebook biography.

timeline remove Timeline Remove, elimina la Biografía de Facebook

What we have to highlight: the style changes can only watch them your. Your friends will continue seeing the biography. It is a step forward for those who do not agree with the new mode that displays Facebook updates over time.

Download: Google

viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

How to increase traffic to your Blog or Web page

if you are one of the thousands of people who want to increase the number of visits to your blog, and generate higher incomes (if you have Adsense service or another), well, it is very easy nowadays, one thing you must keep in mind is that perhaps your ranking will not improve, but if the number of visits.Well then give you a few tips you can do to increase the level of traffic to your blog or website and are product from my experience (I have tested tricks that I mention below and 90% satisfaction guarantee):Use of social networks: today the increase of users in social networks (such as Facebook )(, Twitter, Badoo, MySpace etc.) is a great tool for Webmasters seeking to increase the traffic to your site, that many internet users, they are already within them almost all the time, which can attract thousands of hits.Use of forums: another option and that I've had results is promoting my sites in "Help forums" and discharge (Yahoo answers, Taringa etc), this can be done by sharing information, software, etc., and at the same time leave your "URL" and so attract thousands of daily visits. Example: answering "X" question in yahoo you can add this "your answer + luck visit my blog (leave the link + something interesting for the reader) and discover what you don't know". This is a very simple example but it gives very good results, out more than 1000 visitors a day using this tecnica(ojo_no_abusar_para_no_hacer_spam)YOUTUBE, VIDEO hit: is another way to attract visitors to your site, with successful videos on YouTube, every day there are thousands of hits, thousands of reproductions and thousands of searches for videos of all kinds (music)(, tutorials, fun, news, etc). You can create a good video, I recommend that they are originales(digo_esto_porque_asi_te_puedes_hacer_"Partner"_de_YouTube,_y_sacar_le_algo_de_plata.)I repeat, I tried each and every one of the trucos-consejos mentioned earlier, and they are the product of my experience, and I assure you that work, is only a question of being constant and you will get many visits per day. Luck.

Search for covers of songs, Covart Ops

Search for covers of songs, Covart Ops

Buscar carátulas de canciones en álbumes.

Surely you are, like many other people, a strong supporter of various groups or musical styles why which you store them on your pc, there are many songs do not know if all of them have a front panel. For performing this task is going to be ordered Covart Ops.

Covart Ops is a program to find covers of songs in a fast and easy way to be the best thing that is totally free. Thanks to the realization of this task will be able to organize your library, action that could do manual already but is it would take a lot of time and at the same time it would not be just as efficient to automatically.

Depending on the pc you have the scanning process that will make Covart Aps to locate the covers will be more or less fast. According to the founder of the respective software, this task will be very fast but it is also true that if there are a large number of files and the processor is not fast at all you will not miracles.

Best thing is that the software doesn't require installation to use it and we can see a preview of all existing albums at all times. On the other hand it is a program that is not essential and that is only recommended for those people who love music.

Finally, if you want to you can export labels found in a CSV format file and so you can see the covers really missing those albums.

Link | Covart Ops

jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

Stylish, change the style on your Firefox

Stylish is a new extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Its function is the change the look of your favorite pages through different configurations of color, font and positioning so you can vary a little where you long to explore certain pages.

Through the program access the UserStyles community from which we can access different configurations used for each page in question, and but you can create your own edits and go choosing overlay styles, which delete and give it a really distinctive to your favorite pages so surf is diverse and fun.

stylish Stylish, cambia el estilo en tu Firefox

This Stylish Yes, has some truly mediocre styles, so browse the entire application to choose the more you like. The editor is easy to use and has a great variety, so now there is no excuse to repeat aspects on your favorite sites.

Via: Userstyles
Link: Stylish

miércoles, 20 de junio de 2012

Programming languages to create games

If these decided to create a good game video, and you have all elements such as the story and the characters, now you have to start to develop it, as? programming. Now have to know programming. Quoting Wikipedia tells us the suiguiente " "programming is the process of design, write, test, debug, and maintain computer programs source code. "" The purpose of programming is to create programs that exhibit a desired behavior". We can then say that programming is the creation of software that is developed to accomplish tasks specific to using a programming language.So we see that it is a programming language. According to the famous Wikipedia that says this "A programming language is an artificial language designed to express computations that can be carried out by machines such as computers." They can be used to create programs that control physical and logical behavior of a machine, to express algorithms accurately, or as a mode of human communication"."The standard for video games programming languages are the following: among many others more...(these are the most widely used now)Well since now it depends on what you want to do will need to use some language programming in the previous list, but personally I like more the C++ and Python. If I tend with which programming language started to create games and applications?, well I would answer you that the Python is the language more easy to learn, besides that is similar to the Perl but with more cleaning in the code, it is also based on the Linux operating system, and is gaining a good ground in computing.

martes, 19 de junio de 2012

Protect settings of the operating system, Deep Freeze

Protect settings of the operating system, Deep Freeze

Proteger configuración Windows.

There are times in which we installed a program and as a result of this we are various problems in our Windows operating system. To avoid these problems are what are known as tools to protect the operating system settings such as Deep Freeze.

Deep Freeze is a program to protect your Windows settings for a simple and at the same time efficient way. Forget about from now on of those headaches that you supposed to those programs that usually by mistake, you downloaded and installed from internet and their potential consequences (viruses, Trojans, malware, etc).

Simply to use the respective utility you will need to install and apply the changes at all times keeping your pc safe insofar as your configurations. I.e., if a program modifies them simply restart the computer to return to previous configurations thanks to its capacity for temporary backup of Windows.

Otherwise, if you want to install a new software you must deselect the freezing and Deep Freeze will allow you to do so without any impediment. Then after that, it can be activated without any problem

In short, if what you want is to protect the system configurations the solution to this is called Deep Freeze, the only drawback is that only 30-day trial version can be used.

Link | Deep Freeze

lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

Band broadband Telcel:plan recruitment how to avoid charge me much?

If you're one of the millions of users of Telcel, as you are thousands of people who may not agree with the high costs of the large blue globe.It is that thanks to Telcel, Carlos Slim is the man more rich of the world for the second consecutive year. Should be noted that prices not only mobile telephony but are now the 3 G internet service and 3.5 G of the more expensive around the world, the second most costly if not me quivoco. Now how the service works? Because it works very simple and here I explain how to avoid the high costs:first thing that not everyone knows and you have well this is that the Internet 3 G provided Telcel does not refer to 3 GB or 3 GigaByte, if that is not the 3rd generation internet (third generation).
The speed in some cases depending on the location.!! Now depending on the plan to choose of the many that exist (all are a scam) we will focus on the University plan or student, this plan is gives you supposedly if you present proof that backs you're X level student. Eye with this plan, only give 2 (two gigabytes) GB of monthly data transfer, and and if you pass that limit charge you fees for each MB (megabyte) extra to spend, in few words, only you can download 2 GB of files or charge you more.Now knowing this know as avoid charge me much?Good so that you gain much can follow some of these steps mentioned below and my inexperience in this product are: do not see videos: the videos can weigh from 2 MB to 90 MB or more, and know that no, but music videos as Lady Gaga lasting more HD and 6min eaten many Mb.No download music or unnecessary files: songs and programs as Ares incite you download music that you might not like, nor download heavy files from Megaupload, Hotfile, Fileserve, Rapidshare, Mediafire etc.See very saturated web pages: these are those that have lots of color, images, music, pages in Flash especially.Not see so many images: there are images that take a good load and also are a good portion of our monthly transfer.Well these are just a few of the tips that I have applied and so far work me well, I've not had to pay many weights due to my terrible experiencia.Como really good utility that you can give < un="" excelente="" uso=""> the band broadband, think carefully before hiring.Remember that you only have 2 GB of download or transfer, more or less a day can use 45 MB or 60 MB, use with care, with responsibility and payments avoids expensive.

Views on Blogger - Dynamic Views Dynamics: seeing the future

A few weeks ago Blogger obtained a series of improvements with which the way to write and edit posts in your blog became a new experience, but that was only the beginning of what Google has planned for this platform. Dynamic views of Blogger (Blogger Dynamic Views), with which you can do to make your blog look with one of the 7 new forms that were submitted yesterday.
Blogger incorporates new technologies HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX, which allows a new way to view content on the web, now you can choose how you want to view the content and not be subject to the pleasure of the webmaster. Now the user takes control of the design.With dynamic views,'ll find it you easier to read your favorite blogs. Better even: make it easier to discover entries written some time ago that maybe you have not read.

These are the 7 new ways to see the contents of blogs:Classic: a modern air in a traditional templateFlipcard: photos organized as the page backgroundMagazine: editorial, clear, and elegant presentationMosaic: mosaic with images and text of different sizesSidebar: view in the style of an Inbox of email, with a page of reading to navigate and quickly navigateSnapshot: an interactive bulletin board of your postsTimeslide: horizontal view of your posts sorted by time periods

I leave this video uploaded by Google that shows views of the redesign of Blogger Dynamic Views, views dynamics of Blogger templates.

domingo, 17 de junio de 2012

Remove Virus that converts folders shortcut or .exe

Hello all, perhaps everyone happens to us that any USB or SD memory and even the hard drive etc, we get to a computer infected with a virus named AMVO that what it does is create access direct or executables folders. exe. It is also layers create folders with completely different names, copy virus source folders, or even worse, hide folders.

Well since we are going to see how to remove the virus and recover the folders using the system command prompt or CMD only.
1 Thing we have to do is identify the location of the USB or SD memory or any other device.

2. Once located our storage unit, we must enter the command prompt or Cmd.
> Home > Cmd

3. Once inside the command prompt, locate the drive letter where our device (memory) and type it in cmd.

4 Done, then we write down the following command:
> /D /s Attrib - r - h - s **. **
So is this:

• Attrib: To view or modify attributes
• d: in order to process folders
• s: in order to process subfolders
• - r: remove read-only attributes
• - h: remove hidden attributes
• - s: remove system attributes
• **. **: For any name, with any extension files
stay in the following way:and we can only hope, in the end only you must delete the shortcuts and folders setup (.exe) will have discovered the hidden folders and recovered files.Should be noted that also can be applied in the local hard disk C: / would only change the H: / by C: /.Solution for access denied Windows 7In windows 7, change the command... already that to enter as:

Disk > H: (is an example)
sends the message: access is denied.
To solve the: access denied
We are going to the properties of the hard disk or USB
We give click on: security
We give click on: Advanced options
We give click: effective permissions
Click: Edit
Look where it says: name of object... (Disc I) The name can change or, be only the drive letter.
Now click OK (in everything)
Now click Start, click search, type: cmd and ejecutalo as administrator.
Now if you put the command:

Disk > I:
or if I only had the drive letter, put:

I: (according to the letter you have)

Now run: Attrib /s /d - r - h - s **. **

waiting for you it is so:

Disc I :>


I :>
And that would be all, only remove access direct and/or enforceable. exe.

Nyko has controls for Android PlayPad

Android is growing by leaps, both as a platform for mobile phones as a gaming facility, and the Nyko signature take the videogame E3 2012 Conference to present its new smart phones special controls.

The aim of the company is targeting those users that require the accuracy of a physical remote control to make the most of a video game, and the models available are Nyko PlayPad and Nyko PlayPad Pro.

nyko play pad Nyko presenta los controles para Android PlayPad

Work with Mobile Android 3.0 up and Nvidia Tegra chips, since in this type of platforms are being the best video games for Android, those that take full advantage of the technical potential of mobile and tablets with Android. Just think of THD Shadowgun.

The design of the two models is different, with the PlayPad common being more similar to the SNES and the Pro control with similarities to the Xbox 360 Dashboard. They are very precise and ergonomic to not make any mistake while we play.

Via: Engadget

sábado, 16 de junio de 2012

Codecs Windows 7 3.6.5

Now available the new version of Windows 7 codecs, to offer the best quality and multimedia playback compatibility.

Developed by Shark007 codec package includes also, free of charge, x 64 components 3.6.5 and Windows 8 codec 1.10version. Once you install the pack, we will not have playback problems with programs installed by default, Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center.

windows 7 codecs Codecs Windows 7 3.6.5

New filters and major upgrade for better support for subtitle, formats and processing speed in a free package that in addition to offering the latest versions for Windows 7 already beginning to prepare us for what will be the migration to the new operating system Windows 8.

Remember that to install a new version of codec is required after uninstalling to avoid conflicts.

Link: Windows 7 Codecs

viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

Proteger configuraciones del sistema operativo, Deep Freeze

AppId is over the quota

Proteger configuraciones del sistema operativo, Deep Freeze

Proteger configuración Windows.

Hay veces en las cuales instalamos un programa y a raíz de este nos encontramos diversos problemas en nuestro sistema operativo Windows. Para evitar estos inconvenientes están lo que se conocen como herramientas para proteger configuraciones del sistema operativo tales como Deep Freeze.

Deep Freeze es un programa para proteger la configuración de Windows de una forma sencilla y a la vez eficiente. Olvídate a partir de ahora de aquellos quebraderos de cabeza que te suponían aquellos programas que, generalmente por error, te descargaste e instalaste de internet y de sus posibles consecuencias (virus, troyanos, malware, etcétera).

Simplemente para utilizar la respectiva utilidad deberás instalarla y aplicar los cambios manteniendo en todo momento tu pc totalmente seguro en lo que respecta a sus configuraciones. Es decir, si algún programa las modifica bastará con reiniciar el pc para volver a las configuraciones anteriores gracias a su capacidad para realizar respaldos temporales de Windows.

En el caso contrario, si deseas instalar un software nuevo debes desactivar dicho congelamiento para que Deep Freeze te permita hacerlo sin ningún tipo de impedimento. Luego después de eso, se puede activar sin ningún problema

En definitiva, si lo que deseas es proteger las configuraciones del sistema la solución a esto se llama Deep Freeze, cuyo único inconveniente es que se puede utilizar solamente 30 días de prueba.

Link | Deep Freeze

Codecs Windows 7 3.6.5

Ya está disponible la nueva versión de codecs de Windows 7, para ofrecer la mejor calidad y compatibilidad de reproducción multimedia.

El paquete de codecs desarrollado por Shark007 incluye también, de forma gratuita, x64 componentes 3.6.5 y la versión de Windows 8 Codecs 1.10. Una vez instalado el pack, no tendremos problemas de reproducción con los programas instalados por defecto, Windows Media Player y Windows Media Center.

windows 7 codecs Codecs Windows 7 3.6.5

Nuevos filtros y mayor actualización para mejor soporte de subtítulos, formatos y velocidad de procesamiento en un paquete gratuito que además de ofrecer las más recientes versiones para Windows 7 ya empieza a prepararnos para lo que será la migración al nuevo sistema operativo Windows 8.

Recuerda que para instalar una nueva versión de codecs es necesario realizar la desinstalación previa para evitar conflictos.

Enlace: Windows 7 Codecs